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   Saguaro Systems

The Electronic Product Design, Development, and Verification Resource



Saguaro Systems excels as an Electronic Product Development Resource which can take a electronic product from raw concept to full manufacturing or any stage in between.  Because of the many years of experience in electronic hardware/firmware and camera design and development, Saguaro Systems can provide systems design, analysis, evaluation, and testing services for any electronic system.  Contract Electronic hardware and software/firmware design services can also be provided.

Saguaro Systems Specializes in:

Design and Development of electronic products which require the integration of sophisticated digital, analog, and imaging electronics along with embedded microprocessors and DSPs

Electronic Cameras based on CCDs and CMOS Image Sensors

High Speed Bus Interfaces for IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and USB 2.0.  Saguaro Systems is a member of the "TI connectivity Developer Network" specializing in the development IEEE 1394 (Firewire) devices.

Digital Design

Analog Design

VHDL Design, Simulation, and Testbench Verification of FPGA and PLDs

Embedded Hardware and Firmware

Electro-Mechanical Control Systems

Switchmode Power Supply Design

Schematic Capture in OrCad, Protel, and Aldec